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UNIQ Make Me Laugh In ‘Born To Fight’

What the fuck? First they were smooth as hell, and now they pull out the hip hop...this is actually really awkward for me, even being a YG stan, this is weird. The song made me laugh my ass off 1) Because I fucking LOVE the Ninja Turtles 2) This is a mashup of two of… Continue reading UNIQ Make Me Laugh In ‘Born To Fight’

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Fall In Love With UNIQ

When I first heard about this group, I thought YG was going overboard with debuting artists this year. But in fact, it's a promotional collaboration between their home company in China, YueHua Entertainment. They made a simultaneous debut in both Korea and China when they released their debut music video, "Falling In Love." It's a… Continue reading Fall In Love With UNIQ