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Ktown4U Chuseok Haul #1: XIA Junsu’s ‘Tarantellegra’ Concert Tour DVD

During Chuseok, an autumn festival holiday in Korea, Ktown4U had an outrageous sale on some DVDs and albums that I took full advantage of. However, since my phone likes to malfunction any prices that I mention in the videos are no longer applicable and I do apologize. I was unboxing this and forgot about the… Continue reading Ktown4U Chuseok Haul #1: XIA Junsu’s ‘Tarantellegra’ Concert Tour DVD

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/Cries/ Because Junsu Is Perfection

So my friend Stacey tagged me a video...which was XIA Junsu's latest comeback, "Flower" featuring Tablo...WHICH IS PERFECTION. Watch the music video here:   I'm not so good with symbolism, but this YouTuber seems to be: Basically, the song is about Xia selling his soul in order to become “enlightened” and immortal. The one-eyed demon… Continue reading /Cries/ Because Junsu Is Perfection