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Golden Child ‘It’s U’ MV

Golden Child or GolCha has stolen my heart once again with the release of their title single, 'It's U' for their second mini album, 'Miracle.' Sometimes I just can't afford the sanity it takes to stan more groups. And sometimes, those groups like to gang up and tackle you to the ground, forcing you to stan… Continue reading Golden Child ‘It’s U’ MV


Lovelyz Release ‘Wow’ MV

Lovelyz recently released their music video for the title track "Wow" from their latest album, "R U Ready?." Watch the music video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZxPUM4bUzY It's akin to other releases sound-wise, but everything is new and catchy. I really do love "Wow," and I can't find any faults with the rest of the songs on the… Continue reading Lovelyz Release ‘Wow’ MV

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Lovelyz Comeback With ‘Ah Choo’ and ‘Shooting Star’

Ah, Lovelyz! Another single, which is hinting at another upcoming release! Anyway, it's only fair to review "Shooting Star" first, since it came out first as a single and all. "Shooting Star" was released on September 13th, and the music video features the girls pretending to read and love books. Unless they're speed reading, I… Continue reading Lovelyz Comeback With ‘Ah Choo’ and ‘Shooting Star’

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Lovelyz Debut Music Video Released ‘Candy Jelly Love’

Is it just me, or does the instrumental remind anyone else of Zenonia? Well then... Lovelyz have released their 'debut' music video for "Candy Jelly Love," AND I ADORE IT. It sounds like early 2000's K-Pop, and looks like a J-Pop video. I just adore this song and music video. Simple, cute, not overly aegyo.… Continue reading Lovelyz Debut Music Video Released ‘Candy Jelly Love’