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Catching Up With K-Pop #4

So I've been out of the K-Pop, much less the Asian Pop loop with school and work, not to mention KCON PLANNING!!! Anywho, I'm going to list some videos, link you if you can get them or not (click on the title of the song), and possibly say whether or not I like them. I… Continue reading Catching Up With K-Pop #4

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Album Review: WINNER’s ‘S/S’

I said I'd do this sooooo long ago. And, here we are! YG's newest boy band WINNER released their debut album, "S/S" on August 12th, 2014. It came complete with 10 tracks, Including Mino's "I'm Him." Which is air. Let's get started. 1. Empty (공허해): This song is very mellow, and their vocals are astounding. No… Continue reading Album Review: WINNER’s ‘S/S’

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I Am So Late On This: Minho’s ‘I’m Him’ MV

Wow, yeah, so fucking late. BUT MY BBY!!! Minho, my cute lil shithead of a bias in WINNER, released a solo music video for the single, "I'm Him" which is on the group's debut album, "2014 S/S." OH MY GOD!!! Just when I thought I couldn't love this little shit more. UGH! I love his… Continue reading I Am So Late On This: Minho’s ‘I’m Him’ MV