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Friday Flicks: Innocent Lillies

I happened upon this drama a year ago, and found it rather interesting. I love movies and dramas involving witchcraft, and the idea of a witch/wizarding school (Thanks, Harry Potter). So "Innocent Lilies" seemed like the perfect match for me! Title: Innocent Lilies Year: Country of Origin: Japan Rating: PG-13 Synopsis: When the new students arrive… Continue reading Friday Flicks: Innocent Lillies

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Friday Flicks: Potato Symphony

The only reason I even bothered with this film is because I love Yu Oh Seong. He's the only reason I would even think about watching a gangster film anyway. Title: Potato Symphony Year: 2009 Country of Origin: South Korea Rating: PG-13 Synopsis: Baek I was considered the best fighter in his high school, along with his… Continue reading Friday Flicks: Potato Symphony

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Friday Flicks: Roommate Diaries

So, I just sat down and tried to watch "Roommate Diaries," the series from Taiwan I was uber excited about because it stars one of my favorite singers, Show Luo. Yeah...the episodes on Viki right now are only 10 minutes or so each. Disappointed, but I'll try to find it elsewhere. From the few minutes… Continue reading Friday Flicks: Roommate Diaries