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Press Play: MLee ‘Cho Em Luôn Gần Anh’ Video [Xillix Remix]

MLee has released a new video for her 2017 single, 'Cho Em Luôn Gần Anh,' for the Xillix remix! iTunes

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What the Bop?!: Happy New Year!

It's the first live broadcast of 2018! I just picked a bunch of favorites so tune in~! The first episode of the new year came, and I'll be honest I was totally distracted. I'm back binging dramas, and currently it's 'Queen In Hyun's Man.' I'm halfway through it and I'll be a mess when I… Continue reading What the Bop?!: Happy New Year!

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MLee’s ‘Everyday I Think of You’ MV

It's been awhile since I've been able to explore music around YouTube. Today I found a great song in MLee's latest release, "Everyday I Think of You (Từng Ngày Em Mơ Về Anh)" featuring Soobin. It's a really catchy love song, perfect for summer. It's a super cheesy and cliche music video too. Not bad,… Continue reading MLee’s ‘Everyday I Think of You’ MV