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Sunmi ‘Siren’ MV

I have been waiting for this release since the teasers appeared on Instagram, and I have been SNATCHED. Sunmi's latest release, 'Siren' was released this morning. and it's AMAZING. So the plot is pretty simple. Sunmi's getting ready to go out, when her house is invaded by a Siren doppelganger. Freaky. What's worse is that… Continue reading Sunmi ‘Siren’ MV

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SnackFever August ‘Summer in Korea’ Unboxing

This is the 'Summer in Korea' box (if you couldn't tell by the title' from SnackFever for August, so let's take a look inside! Yes, we had some repeats, but we also had some really interesting new treats to try out this month, as well as fun swag in our boxes! Watch the video here:… Continue reading SnackFever August ‘Summer in Korea’ Unboxing