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‘Watch Out’ For Da-iCE’s 8th Single!

Da-iCE have released the music video for their 8th single, "Watch Out!" The single will be released on April 6th! It sounds like an awesome song, not that, you know, we can hear the full version or anything. The boys are smartly dressed in red suits dancing in an empty club. The song is pretty… Continue reading ‘Watch Out’ For Da-iCE’s 8th Single!

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SHINee To Release ‘DxDxD’

SHINee is making a Japanese comeback, which makes me pretty excited. Their Japanese releases are always awesome. /tries very hard not to make a joke about getting SHINee's 'D'/ /imsorry/ Anyway, this teaser shows that this album will be no exception. Along with their latest title single, the album "DxDxD" will also contain previous singles… Continue reading SHINee To Release ‘DxDxD’

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The Hoopers Release Mini MV For ‘情熱は枯葉のように’

I don't pay attention to this group much, probably just because they don't show up on my radar as often as other groups. HOWEVER, I was rather intrigued by the screencap on The Hoopers' latest video so I took a look. This is their 4th single, "情熱は枯葉のように," and I love it! The aesthetic of the music… Continue reading The Hoopers Release Mini MV For ‘情熱は枯葉のように’