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TRCNG ‘Wolf Baby’ Practice Video

I feel like this came as the second coming of EXO's 'Wolf,' and was not disappointed. Here's the practice video! TRCNG is the 10 member rookie group from TS Entertainment, and they debuted last year with 'Spectrum' and made their comeback recently with 'Wolf Baby.' As I said previously, the name implied [to me] that… Continue reading TRCNG ‘Wolf Baby’ Practice Video

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B.A.P’s Comeback ‘Feels So Good’ To Watch

Holy shit. I haven't seen B.A.P be this adorable since "Stop It," and ZELO NO. ZELO STOP. My heart cannot take his cuteness T^T /dies/ B.A.P recently released their latest min album, "Carnival," and this is the title song, "Feel So Good." The music video is super colorful, the boys are all silly and happy go-lucky,… Continue reading B.A.P’s Comeback ‘Feels So Good’ To Watch