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KCON Pre CON: Getting There, Beaches and Foods

It was a bumpy ride getting to KCONLA, but everything was worth it in the end. the sigh of relief once you step through that security line is EVERYTHING. I'm going to tell you ALL about it! So come with me and cry, laugh, cry some more and clutch your pearls along with me on… Continue reading KCON Pre CON: Getting There, Beaches and Foods

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KCON LA Day 1 + Illionaire Concert

I ended up going to a concert every day during KCON. My first one was also my first Illionaire concert. This is where I began to use 'lit' much too much. Okay, so the first day consisted of me heading to KCON, we waited inside, and I met some girls in line. We chatted it… Continue reading KCON LA Day 1 + Illionaire Concert

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KCONNY: Coming Home and Afterthoughts

After the final concert, my friends and I gathered outside the Prudential Center one last time at the giant, shiny hockey player statue. In a trip of firsts, we had come to one of our lasts. After the last day of KCONNY, we said goodbye to our friends, packed up into the van and started… Continue reading KCONNY: Coming Home and Afterthoughts