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Random Music Monday: Tales of Xilia

So, I have an obsession with this video game right now. I'm a HUGE Final Fantasy fan, that I won't deny. But I've bought several games from the 'Tales of...' series, as well as games from the same company, and I'm actually really starting to like it. I've been playing the first "Tales of Xilia"… Continue reading Random Music Monday: Tales of Xilia

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Sailor Moon ‘Moon Pride’ PV Released

WHEEEE! The opening theme song, "Moon Pride" by Momoiro Clover Z has been released! It shows clips from the revamp of the anime, "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal" aka "Sailor Moon Crystal." I'M NOT FANGIRLING AT ALL, YOU'RE IMAGINING THINGS! Watch the music video here: The series airs two times a month, on the first… Continue reading Sailor Moon ‘Moon Pride’ PV Released

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BoA Releases MV For ‘Masayume Chasing’ For ‘Fairy Tail’

*heavy breathing....BoA!!!!! Whoo!!!! Japanese or Korean, her comebacks kick ass. I know this is just an anime theme song, but damn I love her! "Masayume Chasing" will be the new opening theme song to the ever popular "Fairy Tail." If you've never heard of it, I assume you're not into anime or have been living… Continue reading BoA Releases MV For ‘Masayume Chasing’ For ‘Fairy Tail’

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Random Music Monday: Round Table

OH GOD! IT'S ADORABLE! This song is "Let Me Be With You," by the group Round Table featuring Nino. This song was the beginning theme song to the anime adaptation of my favorite manga series, "Chobits," by CLAMP. Round Table is a duo consisting of Katsutoshi Kitagawa on vocals, guitar and bass guitar, while member Rieko Ito… Continue reading Random Music Monday: Round Table