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Random Music Monday: Body Guard

Just goin around, looking for Thai pop when I bumped into a new video by these lovely ladies! Girl duo Niko Jump from Kamikaze have released their latest music video, "Body Guard," where the girls are competing against one another for the best body guard. Both attractive, both do things the hard way. Kinda. The… Continue reading Random Music Monday: Body Guard

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Cheer! For 3.2.1’s Latest Single

3.2.1 have recently released their latest single, "Cheers!" which, if you're not paying attention, sounds a little like "SHIT, SHIT SHIT!" Shit indeed, do these three get themeselves into some doozeys. Also seeing the two guys hip thrusting is hilarious in itself. The song is super catchy as well. Watch the music video here:  … Continue reading Cheer! For 3.2.1’s Latest Single

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GAIA Release Dance Practice For ‘Love Potion’

Thai girl group GAIA have released their dance practice for their latest single, "Love Potion." The single came out back in June, and the music video has so far amassed over 600,000 views! Check out the music video:   Check out the practice video here:   The single is not available for download in the… Continue reading GAIA Release Dance Practice For ‘Love Potion’

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G-Twenty’s ‘Ain’t Nothing Free’ MV

You know what's better than a G-Twenty comeback? Finding out one of your friends is a Thai pop fan too! I DON'T HAVE TO FANGIRL ALONE ANYMORE, HOORAY! Our friend Becky got stuck in the crossfire of our fangasm. Poor girl. Anywho, they've just released their latest single, "Ain't Nothing Free (ของฟรีไม่มีในโลก)." It's an upbeat… Continue reading G-Twenty’s ‘Ain’t Nothing Free’ MV