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Lydia ‘Y.O.U’

Lydia is a Thai artist and this is her single, "Y.O.U" from 2009. This seems to be re-upload. I was actually looking for a different song. Natthew, a Thai K-Pop artist had posted a video with a similar background on his Instagram, and I thought it might be that one. But it's not. But that's… Continue reading Lydia ‘Y.O.U’

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Waii Releases Audio/Close Up Version of ‘Love Must Go On’

WAii has recently released an audio teaser, which is really a close-up version of her singing, of her latest single, "Love Must Go On." It's a powerful and beautiful ballad, and WAii is simply gorgeous. Watch the music video here: Like the song? Buy it on iTunes! Like WAii? Twitter Instagram Tumblr      … Continue reading Waii Releases Audio/Close Up Version of ‘Love Must Go On’

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VAMP Releases Audio of New Single ‘อกหักแล้วไง’

VAMP has released the audio for their upcoming single, "อกหักแล้วไง (Like A Sunshine)." At first it sounds rather ominous with like an army stomp and whistling, but then it breaks down into this happy-go-lucky dance track. I'm so happily confused...I can't wait for the music video! Listen here:   Like the song? Download it on… Continue reading VAMP Releases Audio of New Single ‘อกหักแล้วไง’


SHUU’s ‘อยากจีบ..คนโสด’ MV

I'm so fucking late on this, I'm so pissed at myself. I can't believe I even forgot about them. SHUU, a girl group from rsfriends released their music video for "อยากจีบ..คนโสด" last month. It's upbeat and cute, I love their dresses in the dance cuts, it's just a really catchy song. Complete with nonsensical English.… Continue reading SHUU’s ‘อยากจีบ..คนโสด’ MV