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KCONNY Release Two More Artists

This is the last livechat before KCON tickets go on sale for NY/NJ, and we were given... BTOB https://youtu.be/qgtaSJ3PSMM And...Day6 https://youtu.be/1-1TGNmQqZA Personally, I'm not too excited about Day6, but I'm not disappointed either. Heartbroken that I can't watch my G-FRIEND BBYS, but alas, I shall be with my friends, and that is what matters. One… Continue reading KCONNY Release Two More Artists

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Versailles Reunite For 9th Anniversary

THAT'S RIGHT. MY FAVORITE JAPANESE BAND. GETTING BACK TOGETHER /dies/ Okay so in all seriousness Versailles just released this teaser yesterday as a preview for their 9th anniversary showcase. The showcase will take place on June 25th, 2016 at Zepp in Divercity, Tokyo. The second date I had to translate via google, so forgive me if… Continue reading Versailles Reunite For 9th Anniversary