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Jolin Is Stunning In ‘Medusa’

And she is, in a Versace body suit, no less. The only reason I know that is because their official Google+ shamelessly promoted on the music video page: Singer Jolin Tsai was gorgeous wearing an exclusive Atelier Versace black bodysuit, enriched with a Swarovski crystals-embroidered Medusa head, in the video of her new hit single… Continue reading Jolin Is Stunning In ‘Medusa’

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Friday Flicks: Absolute Boyfriend

Let's put it this way, it's "Zettai Kareshi," BUT WITH GU HYE SUN AND JIRO WANG! All episodes are on Dramafever and you should watch it. All of it. OMG! I love this show! I have the Japanese series but now I can finally watch the Taiwanese series. This live action version was released back… Continue reading Friday Flicks: Absolute Boyfriend

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Jolin Tsai Don’t Play in New MV

Jolin Tsai recently released the music video for her most recent single, "Play," whose music video is a take on "Sims," and it's GOLD, ABSOLUTE GOLD. It's glamorous, humorous, and of course Jolin dances like a fucking boss. Watch the music video here:   Enjoy her mad dance skillz in the dance version:   The… Continue reading Jolin Tsai Don’t Play in New MV

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Old School K-Pop Remakes: Tell Me

We know that some artists in other countries make remakes of really popular songs. And why not? What works well in one language might work even better in another. What blew MY mind was as of several minutes ago, me finding out there was a Chinese version to my favorite Jinusean song. Yuki Hsu, a… Continue reading Old School K-Pop Remakes: Tell Me