SnackFever Unboxing: 3rd Anniversary July Box

Congratulations to SnackFever on their 3 year anniversary! This is their celebratory box! https://youtu.be/xz0BRDrA5ks   Edit: At the end of the video I was going to show y'all the little memo pad, but the batteries in my camera died just as I grabbed it, and I don't have an editing software on my computer yet,… Continue reading SnackFever Unboxing: 3rd Anniversary July Box

Unboxing Review

April SnackFever ‘Bom’bastic Cherry Blossom Unboxing

This is a few weeks late. My batteries for my camera ran out and my phone took my video hostage...again. *facepalms. But here it is and BEFORE my next unboxing! Ah-ha! Get it? Because 'bom' in Korean means 'spring' and its spring now and its Cherry Blossom season...I'll be quiet. Anyway, this box was amazing!… Continue reading April SnackFever ‘Bom’bastic Cherry Blossom Unboxing