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Boyfriend’s Comeback…Is Okay

Alright, before you come after me with your torches and pitchforks, let me just say this: it was a valiant effort. Choreography: bomb ass, especially when they all dropped to the floor in a circle and did that scorpion thing Song: Great, catchy even. Plot: ehhh Boyfriend's Acting: /sobs tears. and not happy ones/ The… Continue reading Boyfriend’s Comeback…Is Okay

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Boyfriend Release Teaser For ‘Alarm’

Boyfriend are giving Best Friends yet another video! Boyfriend recently came back with "Obsession," and are now releasing yet another music video. This time, for the single "Alarm," which will be an emotionally charged ballad. Look at all that angst in the streets. Throwin shit. Yeah, get that Boyfriend. Throw them suitcases. Not the ring… Continue reading Boyfriend Release Teaser For ‘Alarm’