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Spread A Little ‘Happiness’ With St.319

St.319, the popular dance group from Vietnam have done it again! With a team of four, sweet girls they bring SMTOWN's rookie group Red Velvet's "Happiness" dance to life! The dance team in the video is comprised of Liz (yellow), Jenny (red), Rian (blue), and the cute lil newbie, Mia (green). She has such a… Continue reading Spread A Little ‘Happiness’ With St.319

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Random Music Monday: Get Out

Time to get back on track. This week's RMM is MIN of St.319 with her latest single, "Get Out." She recently released a dance version, which I highly recommend you watch. Seeing as how she's from a dance crew and all. Watch the dance version here:   The song is her latest single, released on August 11th. Her… Continue reading Random Music Monday: Get Out

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MIN Releases MV + Dance Version For ‘NHỚ’

Min is back with her second single, "NHỚ," and her beautiful music video. Beautiful scenery+amazing choreography=great music video. Her voice is just as angelic as ever in this new single. And yeah, I'm not a big fan of dub step (I don't think 'loathe' is a strong enough word) but it actually fit really well… Continue reading MIN Releases MV + Dance Version For ‘NHỚ’

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Min Releases Video Teaser For ‘NHỚ’ MV

Min of St.319 is making a solo comeback with "NHỚ," in English, "Stuck." The imagery of the video is beautiful as it is, but they lyrics are very touching. And just for international fans, they've added English subtitles! Press 'cc' to activate! Watch the video here:   The video will come out the 22nd! Like… Continue reading Min Releases Video Teaser For ‘NHỚ’ MV