Chuseok: History, Tradition, Differences

Let's explore the traditions of Chuseok, the history behind some of the foods, and the differences between North and South Korean Chuseok. So first of all, Happy Chuseok to all of those in and outside of Korea. The first day was yesterday, and the last day is tomorrow. Chuseok is the Autumn harvest festival in… Continue reading Chuseok: History, Tradition, Differences

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Romeo Slay My Life With ‘Without U’

Romeo, my babies have finally returned with their latest release, "Without U" from their latest mini album of the same name. As I'm writing this, it was literally released 20 minutes ago. Hyunkyung and his friend are walking by a group of people in a dance battle and he spots a pretty girl that he… Continue reading Romeo Slay My Life With ‘Without U’