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Sunmi ‘Heroine’ MV

Excuse me, but I have a problem with this song. It's simply just not long enough. I have never been a huge fan of Sunmi, not since Wonder Girls, not since her solo debut, but her recent releases sure have changed my mind. 'Gashina' was a game changer for sure, and 'Heroine' is just amazing.… Continue reading Sunmi ‘Heroine’ MV

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CL Releases Official Audio For ‘All In’

Thanks to the push from CL on New Years, Made Management has released the official audio to CL's 2016 unreleased single, 'All In.' On New Years Eve, CL posted to Instagram lamenting about how she couldn't give anything to fans, and that she was risking a lot to show us what she had, but that… Continue reading CL Releases Official Audio For ‘All In’

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Ktown4U Chuseok Haul #1: XIA Junsu’s ‘Tarantellegra’ Concert Tour DVD

During Chuseok, an autumn festival holiday in Korea, Ktown4U had an outrageous sale on some DVDs and albums that I took full advantage of. However, since my phone likes to malfunction any prices that I mention in the videos are no longer applicable and I do apologize. I was unboxing this and forgot about the… Continue reading Ktown4U Chuseok Haul #1: XIA Junsu’s ‘Tarantellegra’ Concert Tour DVD