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Great Guys Make a Long Awaited Comeback With ‘Illusion’

This is WAAAAY way long in the making for us fans, Great Guys has been doing Japanese activities for a long time, and it's been...since April when they released their last single, 'Ganda' which I had no idea about and since then, it had been last year when they debuted when they released 'Last Men.'… Continue reading Great Guys Make a Long Awaited Comeback With ‘Illusion’

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Perfume ‘無限未来’ PV

Perfume released the single, '無限未来 (Mugenmirai),' for the film 'Chihayafuru' back in March and I never got to fully appreciate it, so...TIME TO APPRECIATE!!!! The song is super awesome, and the choreo is amazing, as always. the backgrounds? Amazing. Their wardrobe? Phenomenal. Watch the music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q51bru32S7A Also if you're curious, here's a clip… Continue reading Perfume ‘無限未来’ PV