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Throwback Thursday: (Just) Seotaiji

SEOTAIJIIIIIIIII! /heavy breathing/ /fangirls/ /dies/   I LOVE SEOTAIJIIIIIIII! Not to mention he's making a comeback, but before we get to that, we totally need to look at some of my favorite songs. that's right. I used 'totally' Because Seotaiji is 'totally' cool He's the godfather of K-Pop for Goodness-googly-moogly's sake! LOVE THE SEOTAIJIIIIII! Let's… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: (Just) Seotaiji

K-Pop · Music · Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Come Back Home

Aight, who the hell thought Seotaiji and Boys were rookies that stole 2NE1's song? I've heard that several times and what the hell are you people thinking? HOW DO PEOPLE NOT KNOW OF SEOTAIJI AND BOYS? THEY'RE ONLY THE GODFATHERS OF MODERN K-POP! One of my fellow old school K-Pop fan friends keeps running into… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Come Back Home