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Catching Up With J-Pop (#3)

So much to catch up on. I was sick yesterday and ended up sleeping A LOT. so I feel much better now (still a little icky though). I've missed a lot with my schedule being changed so much, so let's get started! Momoiro Clover Z VS KISS 'YUMENO UKIYONI SAITEMINA' Can I just say how… Continue reading Catching Up With J-Pop (#3)

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Random Music Monday: ROOT FIVE

I. Am..IN LOVE! OH MY GOD, THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED, AND ANOTHER BOY BAND TO SHOWER MY LOVE AND AFFECTION UPON! From a distance. GAH!~ I love them. ROOT FIVE (√5) recently had a but-load of videos uploaded to avex's YouTube. I don't know if they signed with a company that has a contract with avex… Continue reading Random Music Monday: ROOT FIVE