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BlackPink Debut Videos ‘Whistle’ and ‘BOOMBAYAH’

I've been a bit down lately with not being able to keep up with K-Pop and whatnot, so viewing my stan company's latest release should be great. Are YOU ready for BLACKPINK? BLACKPINK finally debuted after months, and Months and MONTHS of teasing, and we finally get to see the final product. I was actually… Continue reading BlackPink Debut Videos ‘Whistle’ and ‘BOOMBAYAH’

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EXO’s ‘Monster’ + ‘Lucky One’ MV + Album Review

So, I haven't viewed either music video  of EXO's comeback yet. Mostly due to uni stuff, but also overtime. I've been exhausted. The other day I fell asleep as soon as I got home. At 6 pm. I woke up at 5 that morning. I can't wait for my vacation. We're down to single digits now. #8moredays… Continue reading EXO’s ‘Monster’ + ‘Lucky One’ MV + Album Review