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SnackFever May Birthday Unboxing [Super Late I Know]

I'm posting this here super late, but better late than never, right? This was the 'Family Box'. https://youtu.be/l7kqW1QDuWc So it was 10~ish days after my birthday, it still counts! technically this was the family box. I'm sharing with myself! I did share some with my roommate though. EYK video about old school Korean candy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37dcBgn9Ikk… Continue reading SnackFever May Birthday Unboxing [Super Late I Know]

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Elris ‘We, First’ Mini Album Unboxing [Secret Santa]

I received this during my Secret Santa gift exchange, and I LOVE Elris to bits and pieces. They are my bbys. Damn near tried to rip the decorative plastic cover tho. It's a tad bit dark because even though it was still early, I was getting impatient not being able to film the video, so… Continue reading Elris ‘We, First’ Mini Album Unboxing [Secret Santa]

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Namie Amuro ‘Finally’ Unboxing

I actually ordered this last year and it was supposed to come in January, it came in December but I filmed it in January (thanks poor lighting and heavy work schedule *finger guns* but here it is! This is Namie Amuro's retirement album, 'Finally.' It's an accumulation of her work of over 25 years in… Continue reading Namie Amuro ‘Finally’ Unboxing

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JYJ ‘Come On Over’ DVD Unboxing [KTOWN4U Chuseok Haul #4]

During the Chuseok sale, a LOT of JYJ goods were on sale, and usually JYJ is pretty expensive (in my shopping experience). With that, I loaded up my cart. Here's one, which is the second of my JYJ treasures! This is the first unit unboxing I did, and it's very short and simple. The packaging… Continue reading JYJ ‘Come On Over’ DVD Unboxing [KTOWN4U Chuseok Haul #4]