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SnackFever May Birthday Unboxing [Super Late I Know]

I'm posting this here super late, but better late than never, right? This was the 'Family Box'. https://youtu.be/l7kqW1QDuWc So it was 10~ish days after my birthday, it still counts! technically this was the family box. I'm sharing with myself! I did share some with my roommate though. EYK video about old school Korean candy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37dcBgn9Ikk… Continue reading SnackFever May Birthday Unboxing [Super Late I Know]

Unboxing Review

April SnackFever ‘Bom’bastic Cherry Blossom Unboxing

This is a few weeks late. My batteries for my camera ran out and my phone took my video hostage...again. *facepalms. But here it is and BEFORE my next unboxing! Ah-ha! Get it? Because 'bom' in Korean means 'spring' and its spring now and its Cherry Blossom season...I'll be quiet. Anyway, this box was amazing!… Continue reading April SnackFever ‘Bom’bastic Cherry Blossom Unboxing

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Namie Amuro ‘Finally’ Unboxing

I actually ordered this last year and it was supposed to come in January, it came in December but I filmed it in January (thanks poor lighting and heavy work schedule *finger guns* but here it is! This is Namie Amuro's retirement album, 'Finally.' It's an accumulation of her work of over 25 years in… Continue reading Namie Amuro ‘Finally’ Unboxing

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JYJ ‘Come On Over’ DVD Unboxing [KTOWN4U Chuseok Haul #4]

During the Chuseok sale, a LOT of JYJ goods were on sale, and usually JYJ is pretty expensive (in my shopping experience). With that, I loaded up my cart. Here's one, which is the second of my JYJ treasures! This is the first unit unboxing I did, and it's very short and simple. The packaging… Continue reading JYJ ‘Come On Over’ DVD Unboxing [KTOWN4U Chuseok Haul #4]