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Jessi x Flowsik ‘Wet’ MV

There's a clear reason (Exhibit A: the thumbnail of this article) why watching this for the first time at lunch at WORK was not the smartest idea. Trying not to go SWEET LORD BABY JESUS and OH MY GOD at all the skin I was seeing was very difficult. I am an innocent lamb, I… Continue reading Jessi x Flowsik ‘Wet’ MV

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Yoon Mi Rae Releases ‘KawiBawiBo (가위바위보)’ MV

She snatched my soul. It's gone. Yoon Mi Rae released her latest single, 'Kawi Bawi Bo' (가위바위보) aka, 'rock, paper, scissors' or more literally I think the last part in Korean is actually cloth, but I digress. The point is, she released the anthem this morning and it snatched all my belongings. I'm now leasing my… Continue reading Yoon Mi Rae Releases ‘KawiBawiBo (가위바위보)’ MV

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BoA x Siedah Garret ‘Man In The Mirror’ Live Performance

My Queen, I can't even. So, yeah. Okay I'm just gonna, try to act yes. BoA and a singer I've never heard of, Siedah Garret performed Michael Jackson's 'Man In The Mirror' live and it's just, /melts/ If there's one thing, well two you should know by now it's that I LOVE BoA I… Continue reading BoA x Siedah Garret ‘Man In The Mirror’ Live Performance

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CL Releases Official Audio For ‘All In’

Thanks to the push from CL on New Years, Made Management has released the official audio to CL's 2016 unreleased single, 'All In.' On New Years Eve, CL posted to Instagram lamenting about how she couldn't give anything to fans, and that she was risking a lot to show us what she had, but that… Continue reading CL Releases Official Audio For ‘All In’