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Throwback Thursday: I Was The Captain

Aw man, I missed it. I was on such a roll too! So yesterday was my first day of observation and it was c r a z y ~. Afterwards, I overate because I didn't eat anything really for lunch because I underestimated how hungry I would get once I got home. Which did not… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: I Was The Captain

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Random Music Monday: J.Counter

I found this guy as I was doing something for the other site, and I just loved his stuff. There's not much that I could find on iTunes, but what I DID find was amazing. The song I originally looked at was J.Counter's "All My Life (feat. Stringer)." The B-side track to that single, "Ola… Continue reading Random Music Monday: J.Counter

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Worldwide Wednesday: WTF

My best friend Chey is really excited about this. Missy. Motherfucking Elliott IS BACK That's right. Slay these toddlers, your majesty. Missy Elliott made a triumphant return to the American hip-hop scene with "WTF (Where They From)." The song overall is bomb ass. However...Pharrell Williams features on the track, and his rap is really awkward.… Continue reading Worldwide Wednesday: WTF

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Jay Park’s ‘You Know’ Featuring Okasian

When I heard Jay Park was releasing a rap album, I was super skeptical. I've never really been a fan of his idol turned rapper thing. He's not a bad rapper, I just...I don't know. I just guess the whole thing for me at least, is a little weird and offputting. I prefer his singing.… Continue reading Jay Park’s ‘You Know’ Featuring Okasian