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My Top 17 of 2017

I just realized that I didn't make a list like this for last year, so I'm making sure I do this for this year. This isn't really that I couldn't decide, I just decided to go with the flow and realized it would be hard to narrow down anyway, so let's get started! In no… Continue reading My Top 17 of 2017

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DR Music Releases Revamped Video Including Alex For ‘Demonstrate’

You have wished it, and so it is, Alex is included in the revamped version of the music video for "Demonstrate," RaNia's latest release. And by include, I mean they put her teaser spots in the music video. It's good either way, at least she's IN her K-Pop debut music video now. Watch the music… Continue reading DR Music Releases Revamped Video Including Alex For ‘Demonstrate’

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Alexandria Reid Has A Blog: READ IT

If ever you wanted to look into your favorite idol's minds, now is your chance if you're a fan of Alex Reid of RaNia. Behind every idol is an average person, and even though there are not many entries, you can see into her mindset, and I find that fascinating. It shows she's a person like… Continue reading Alexandria Reid Has A Blog: READ IT

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RaNia Release Dance Practice For ‘Demonstrate’

As the title suggests, yes, RaNia has released the dance practice video for "Demonstrate." Yes, Alex is in the video. However, she doesn't stay the entire time. she comes in when her parts come up, but we'll have to wait for another single to see more of her. Visa issues and all, remember? Anyway, watch… Continue reading RaNia Release Dance Practice For ‘Demonstrate’

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RaNia Release ‘Demonstrate’ MV

RaNia have released the music video for "Demonstrate," and it feels as though something is missing... oh right, their new member Alex is missing. She was missing from the group promotional pictures, the shoots, the entire music video really. I find that a little weird, but I'm hoping that maybe they'll release a second music… Continue reading RaNia Release ‘Demonstrate’ MV