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Purfles’ 3rd Single ‘Bad Girl’

Ah, Purfles! I've been waiting for this comeback for so long. This single, "Bad Girl,"is uptempo, thankfully. However, the girls' song leaves some to be desired, as the verses...are rather...bland. The chorus, however is quite catchy. The music video is simple, and why not? There's no need for much flash, the girls have enough talent, that… Continue reading Purfles’ 3rd Single ‘Bad Girl’

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Purfles Debut With ‘1.2.3’ And It’s MORE Than ‘OK’

Purfles, whose name stands for 'decorating the music industry,' is a girl group from Crescendo Music, who also houses Heyne. The members are Gunhee, Wooyoung, and Eunyong. The song is SUPER catchy, the girls are gorgeous, and it's a sexy concept without going 4L. I think that's a damn good combination and I can't wait… Continue reading Purfles Debut With ‘1.2.3’ And It’s MORE Than ‘OK’