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Random Music Monday: The Stray

Aw man, I was doing such a good job of staying on track too. Well, no shame in backtracking. Work, then school, then getting back to working out is what my night consisted of last night. I wanna try working out again tonight, but I don't wanna burn out too fast and give up again.… Continue reading Random Music Monday: The Stray

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Hertz Analogue Becomes A Duo

Yep no longer a soloist, Herz Analogue is now a twosome, with the addition of singer/songwriter, Juha. The duo will make their debut with the upcoming mini album, "어서오세요 여름밤=" on the 26th! You can pre-order the album now on YES24! Like Herz Analogue? 'Like' his, now their, Facebook, 'Follow' them on Twitter, 'Follow' them… Continue reading Hertz Analogue Becomes A Duo