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Perfume ‘無限未来’ PV

Perfume released the single, '無限未来 (Mugenmirai),' for the film 'Chihayafuru' back in March and I never got to fully appreciate it, so...TIME TO APPRECIATE!!!! The song is super awesome, and the choreo is amazing, as always. the backgrounds? Amazing. Their wardrobe? Phenomenal. Watch the music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q51bru32S7A Also if you're curious, here's a clip… Continue reading Perfume ‘無限未来’ PV

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Random Music Monday: Don’t Cry

Well, yeah. Okay...this is starting off awkward but I'm tired, gotta catch up on "Oh My Venus," haven't eaten dinner yet. It was cleaning day and I still have presents to wrap/make and...yeah. Good news though, it was my day off, and it's my day off tomorrow too. Yay! I get to stay home for… Continue reading Random Music Monday: Don’t Cry

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Random Music Monday: Beautiful Lady

So I've gotten into "Oh My Venus" thanks to my friends Molly and Leigh, and this happens to be my favorite OST song from the drama. The song is "Beautiful Lady" by Jonghyun of SHINee. The hilarious part of this is I see so many parallels to "Birth of a Beauty" that it's ridiculous and… Continue reading Random Music Monday: Beautiful Lady

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Random Music Monday: Drama OST

So my work has once again thrown off my sleep routine, which throws off my daily routine, which throws off my regular schedule of cooking, cleaning, taking care of myself, ect ect. I JUST started getting back in to working out, and I couldn't today because, well gee, I slept til 3:00 PM. I was… Continue reading Random Music Monday: Drama OST