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Summer Playlist 2018 [Updated]

I've updated this playlist through my travels to contain artists such as Laboum, KARD, and more! Take a look at my Summer playlist for 2018! Turn on the playlist and get ready for the jamz!

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What The Bop?!: Let’s Dance!

This was about a month ago, but I didn't publish an article like I usually do. This was pre-KCONLA, so I have to figure out everything I did wrong /side eyes myself/ Listen to the episode here: Listen to "Let's Dance!" on Spreaker. https://widget.spreaker.com/widgets.js   News: AAA have released the music video for their single… Continue reading What The Bop?!: Let’s Dance!

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To My 4 Years of Blogging, Hooray!!!! *Throws Glitter

It's been a long year since I started school again. I haven't blogged much, which has made me a bit sad, but I'm still trucking along, as you can see. Four years is a long time. Thanks for following me through everything. From my tiny 'blog' posts, if that's what you could call them, to… Continue reading To My 4 Years of Blogging, Hooray!!!! *Throws Glitter