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Bold’s ‘DAAM’

Bold recently made a comeback with his latest single, "DAAM." Bold composed the song while the lyrics were written by DNK. The video focuses on two women who eventually become more self confident instead of taking cues from society. Watch the music video here: Like the song? Buy it on iTunes! Like Bold? Facebook Twitter… Continue reading Bold’s ‘DAAM’

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SweetYMotion Release ‘Амин охин’ on Official YT Channel

I can't read or understand Mongolian, but girl group SweetYMotion has recently uploaded the music video for their 2010 single, "Амин охин (Amin Ohin)" from the album, "Emotion" and it's awesome as fuck. Also one of the girls is low-key Mongolian Mariah Carey my GOD sing it girl *snazzily snaps* Watch the music video here: Like… Continue reading SweetYMotion Release ‘Амин охин’ on Official YT Channel

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Random Music Monday: Мартахаасаа өмнө

I can't read it, you might not be able to either, but it's Mongolian. That's right, BOLD has made a comeback, and "Мартахаасаа өмнө" is the title of the single. It doesn't say whether it's an independent single or if it's from an upcoming album, but it's new and I like it. It's a sad… Continue reading Random Music Monday: Мартахаасаа өмнө

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SweetYmotion Releases New Music Videos

SweetYmotion is a Mongolian girl group, and recently they've released a couple of music videos for "НЭГ Л МЭДЭХЭД УУЛЗАНА ДАА" and "ДЭНЖИЙН НОГОО." Both have commentary before the music videos, but I can't speak Mongolian, so I have no idea what they're saying. I just enjoy this group. Watch the music videos here: Like… Continue reading SweetYmotion Releases New Music Videos