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Sailor Moon Anime 2014 Teaser Released

SAILOR MOOOOON! I love Sailor Moon! One of my favorite animes from my childhood. And now, its getting a reboot! The animation is closer to the original manga, which is why its so different from the original anime. The new title is "Sailor Moon Crystal," they are sticking closer to the manga story-wise, too so… Continue reading Sailor Moon Anime 2014 Teaser Released

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Friday Flicks: Dark Knight Rayearth

After this week's Throwback Thursday, I HAD to look up "Dark Knight Rayearth." Guess who's buying a whole new manga set? And anime? This chick. Holy goodness, this manga/anime sounds SO AMAZING! The manga is by CLAMP, who also wrote "Cardcaptor Sakura" and "Chobits"! It comes in two series: "Dark Knight Rayearth" (1993-1995) and "Dark Knight… Continue reading Friday Flicks: Dark Knight Rayearth