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LuHan ‘Promises’ + ‘Football Gang’ and ‘Your Song’

Luhan has released two singles recently, and there's a music video I saw forever ago, but forgot to post about, so here's the first one, "Your Song." It's really cute as Luhan walks around, singing in a town square. This was released back in September, btw.   There's this single called "Medals," but there's no… Continue reading LuHan ‘Promises’ + ‘Football Gang’ and ‘Your Song’

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Luhan’s ‘That Good Good’

So Luhan dropped the music video for his solo debut single, "That Good Good" not too long ago, and it's hip hop...okay. To be honest, I love anything EXO/ex-EXO members put out. They're so awesome. Anyway, besides getting over the hip hop concept, TAKE A LISTEN TO THOSE SEXUAL INNUENDOS. 'Let me tell you about,… Continue reading Luhan’s ‘That Good Good’