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Jessi x Flowsik ‘Wet’ MV

There's a clear reason (Exhibit A: the thumbnail of this article) why watching this for the first time at lunch at WORK was not the smartest idea. Trying not to go SWEET LORD BABY JESUS and OH MY GOD at all the skin I was seeing was very difficult. I am an innocent lamb, I… Continue reading Jessi x Flowsik ‘Wet’ MV

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KittiB ‘Doin Good’ Feat. Verbal Jint

This is KittiB's latest, "Doin Good," featuring Verbal Jint. The song is fucking amazing, by the way. it was released on March 21st. The music video is reminiscent of Ga In's "Fxxk U," in some ways; the girl is being abused by her boyfriend. But it's not necessarily the same, I can't tell the definite… Continue reading KittiB ‘Doin Good’ Feat. Verbal Jint