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KCONNY: Coming Home and Afterthoughts

After the final concert, my friends and I gathered outside the Prudential Center one last time at the giant, shiny hockey player statue. In a trip of firsts, we had come to one of our lasts. After the last day of KCONNY, we said goodbye to our friends, packed up into the van and started… Continue reading KCONNY: Coming Home and Afterthoughts

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KCONNY Release Two More Artists

This is the last livechat before KCON tickets go on sale for NY/NJ, and we were given... BTOB And...Day6 Personally, I'm not too excited about Day6, but I'm not disappointed either. Heartbroken that I can't watch my G-FRIEND BBYS, but alas, I shall be with my friends, and that is what matters. One… Continue reading KCONNY Release Two More Artists