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KCON 2015 Playlist

While at KCON2015, of COURSE they played K-Pop, and some performances stuck in my head and will never leave. Here I'm going to compile a list of those specific songs that will forever be ingrained in my memories of KCON2015 GOT7's "Just Right" With this one, throughout all the fan engagements, they played like maybe… Continue reading KCON 2015 Playlist

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KCON 2015 Trip: 3rd and Final Day of KCON

The last day. I couldn't believe it. A whole week in Cali, almost coming to an end. As I got ready to leave for the train, all that I could think of (besides, 'OH MY GAWD, SHINHWAAAA!) was that it was the last day, what would I do? Would I buy anything? What would the… Continue reading KCON 2015 Trip: 3rd and Final Day of KCON

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KCON Trip 2015: Day 4 of Cali: JTown 

Sorry this post is late. Thursday a few new friends and I headed over to JTown (aka Little Tokyo) after early registration. I bought a few cheap hats as souvenirs for a friend and I. I had to hold myself back from buying everything Sailor Moon, Pokemon and SNK related (pics below), and then went… Continue reading KCON Trip 2015: Day 4 of Cali: JTown