KCONNY 2018: Apps You’ll Need

Things you'll need was just the tip of the iceberg. Your phone is just as important a tool as the other items you'll be carrying. Let's explore, shall we?   This is a must, especially if you're like us. We stay outside the citay, so we take the train, and you can check train schedules… Continue reading KCONNY 2018: Apps You’ll Need

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KCONLA 2016 Trip: Day 1-3 (Travelin~ and Early Registration)

So, I guess I better get on this while it's still fresh in my memory huh? Thus begins the telling of KCON LA! So let's start at the beginning shall we? I remembered my travel pillow this time! Yay! However, once the plane took off from Iowa, it went a little crazy from there. I… Continue reading KCONLA 2016 Trip: Day 1-3 (Travelin~ and Early Registration)

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KCONNY: Coming Home and Afterthoughts

After the final concert, my friends and I gathered outside the Prudential Center one last time at the giant, shiny hockey player statue. In a trip of firsts, we had come to one of our lasts. After the last day of KCONNY, we said goodbye to our friends, packed up into the van and started… Continue reading KCONNY: Coming Home and Afterthoughts