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KCONNY: Tickets and Drama

Okay, so remember when I was talking about how getting tickets for KCONNY during work was gonna be hella stressful? Well it was, but not for the original reasons.  Let's start with last night. Me and my friends were guessing groups like Red Velvet and SHINee, because that's what the hints were looking like. Boy… Continue reading KCONNY: Tickets and Drama

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KCONNY Release Two More Artists

This is the last livechat before KCON tickets go on sale for NY/NJ, and we were given... BTOB https://youtu.be/qgtaSJ3PSMM And...Day6 https://youtu.be/1-1TGNmQqZA Personally, I'm not too excited about Day6, but I'm not disappointed either. Heartbroken that I can't watch my G-FRIEND BBYS, but alas, I shall be with my friends, and that is what matters. One… Continue reading KCONNY Release Two More Artists

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KCONNY Artist Announcement + Ticket Prices Released

Okay, so FINALLY, with less than two weeks (12 days, to be specific) left before tickets for KCONNY actually go on sale, they have released the ticket pricing and a new artist! Our artist is... BTS. I'm not super excited, mostly because I saw them in LA, and I personally think it's BS that we… Continue reading KCONNY Artist Announcement + Ticket Prices Released