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Kim Jonghyun’s Solo Debut Is My Guilty Pleasure

Well, I would just like to say that the music video teaser wrote a check that SM just didn't cash. THIS IS NOT JONGHYUN's FAULT. Unlike Taemin, there was no marvelous dancing. no catchy hook. Jonghyun has been my bias since infinity, and I like Taemin's solo debut better. Tell me how THAT happened. He… Continue reading Kim Jonghyun’s Solo Debut Is My Guilty Pleasure

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Jonghyun’s Bondage Leaves Me Breathless

My body isn't ready for this, and neither is my shattered soul...or ovaries for that matter. This is some BDSM shit, SM. "Because deep down, you know you deserve to be punished, don't you Mr. Kim?" /rolls off my chair/ /down the stairs/ /dies/ They aren't called 'SM' for nothing you know. Okay, cheesy jokes… Continue reading Jonghyun’s Bondage Leaves Me Breathless