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Birthday Unboxing Part 2

I'm unboxing the last two items of my birthday haul in this video, take a look! https://youtu.be/QS4bDnmzoy0   My lightstick was from eBay, so wherever you want to buy a lightstick, whether new edition or old go find one, and may the odds be ever in your favor. Sorry for the sappiness at the end.… Continue reading Birthday Unboxing Part 2

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Jonghyun Releases ‘좋아 (She Is)’ + Album Review

Major feelz overload. Jonghyun has recently released the music video for his lead single, "좋아 (She Is)" aka "I Like (She Is)," for his third album, but first full length album of the same name. The song is super funky and great, but the music video...is super...yellow...and...girls are pouring ketchup on their b00bs...it's very confusing.… Continue reading Jonghyun Releases ‘좋아 (She Is)’ + Album Review

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Favorite Male K-Pop Rookies of 2015

K-Pop brought the boys out and they delivered. Some may surprise you some may not, but this is my list, and as with the females, only the last group/artist listed is 'in order.' So let's get started! SNUPER Weird name, cute group. They've done a lot of promoting for their debut from such a small… Continue reading Favorite Male K-Pop Rookies of 2015