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The Perfection That Is NamIn

So, I tried writing this a few days ago and I had a nice pageful of comments on how perfect this is how the two Queens of J-Pop and C-Pop had gotten together for this epic collaboration, and WordPress decided it was going to refresh the page WITHOUT ASKING ME, and deleted it. So all… Continue reading The Perfection That Is NamIn

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Jolin Tsai Supports Marriage Equality in New Music Video

Jolin Tsai shows her support for marriage equality with her new single, "We Are All Different, Yet The Same." THIS ISN'T MAKING ME CRY OR ANYTHING, IT'S JUST DOWNPOURING ON MY FACE. The plot goes something like this: A woman and her wife are at home when her wife needs medical attention (I don't know… Continue reading Jolin Tsai Supports Marriage Equality in New Music Video

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Jolin Is Stunning In ‘Medusa’

And she is, in a Versace body suit, no less. The only reason I know that is because their official Google+ shamelessly promoted on the music video page: Singer Jolin Tsai was gorgeous wearing an exclusive Atelier Versace black bodysuit, enriched with a Swarovski crystals-embroidered Medusa head, in the video of her new hit single… Continue reading Jolin Is Stunning In ‘Medusa’

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Jolin Tsai Don’t Play in New MV

Jolin Tsai recently released the music video for her most recent single, "Play," whose music video is a take on "Sims," and it's GOLD, ABSOLUTE GOLD. It's glamorous, humorous, and of course Jolin dances like a fucking boss. Watch the music video here:   Enjoy her mad dance skillz in the dance version:   The… Continue reading Jolin Tsai Don’t Play in New MV