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J-Indie Picks 1.5.15

The first Indie post of the new year! I was pretty excited for this week because some of my favorites released new videos, so let's get started already. POT released a music video for "Countdown" on December 31st, 2015. This is from their first mini album, "MISH MASH," which will be released on January 13th.… Continue reading J-Indie Picks 1.5.15

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Open Up Your Heart To The Winking Owl

The Winking Owl have returned with their debut mini album, "Open Up My Heart" with their title track. The music video is angsty, but in a happy way...if that makes sense. The lyrics are mostly English, so awesome for international fans, right? Watch the music video here:   The album will be released on the… Continue reading Open Up Your Heart To The Winking Owl

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Random Music Monday: LADYBABY

I don't know what screams, "Welcome to J-Pop, Normal is just a state of mind" more than LADYBABY. Two Japanese girls and a grown white man...every single member...in a dress. Ladybeard (the man) is an Australian cross dressing 'kawaii-core' singer who combines death metal and wrestling into his routines. Interesting. He has teamed up with… Continue reading Random Music Monday: LADYBABY