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My Top 17 of 2017

I just realized that I didn't make a list like this for last year, so I'm making sure I do this for this year. This isn't really that I couldn't decide, I just decided to go with the flow and realized it would be hard to narrow down anyway, so let's get started! In no… Continue reading My Top 17 of 2017

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Seotaiji X IU Duet ‘소격동’ [Live Performance]

Recently Seotaiji and IU got together on stage to perform one of his latest singles, "소격동." This song was covered by both artist and each released separate versions. Personally, I was hoping for a duet, and I was not disappointed. Watch the video here:   [Since this is a Seotaiji song, his SNS will be… Continue reading Seotaiji X IU Duet ‘소격동’ [Live Performance]