My Interview With Fromm

Ah yes, another interview! I'm sorry this is so late! This was supposed to come out back in May, but I waited a few weeks, just in case she was busy. Turns out, she needed a translation (as some artists that I've interviewed do) so it took me a while and help from my friend… Continue reading My Interview With Fromm

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My Interview With Tell and Listen

Tell and Listen debuted in 2013 with "Night Train," and this year released their second single, "Goodbye." I recently had the honor of interviewing the band, and I'd like to thank Goo-Reum, Keon-Ho, Min-Ha, Dal-Paeng, and Jung Kwon for taking time out of their busy schedule to speak with me. On to the interview! Where are each of you from? Well,… Continue reading My Interview With Tell and Listen