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Random Music Monday:XO-IX

I was watching SM*SH yesterday, for no reason really. And then I saw a thumbnail for this group with a weird name, XO-IX ( pronounced it as EXO-ICKS) But the name is an acronym for Xtra Ordinary 9. The group debuted in 2011 with 9 members. Two former members, but I can't find any information… Continue reading Random Music Monday:XO-IX

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Random Music Monday: SMASH vs SM*SH

Oh, and it is the battle of the boy bands! Both with the same name, both from different countries! SMASH is from Korea, formed in 2008 and consisting of six members: Segye, Jerry, Naru, Hanbang, Hero, and Cheonwoo. They debuted in 2008 with their single, "Emergency" from their debut mini album, "Open Fire." In 2010, they came back on… Continue reading Random Music Monday: SMASH vs SM*SH


S.O.S Perform ‘Lady Marmalade’ at K-Festival 2014

S.O.S, a girl group from Indonesia recently performed "Lady Marmalade" during the K-Festival 2014! Not as good as the original, but a great effort. Also, for those of you who don't know French, what they're saying is, "Would you like to F**k me?" I'm not even joking. Watch the video here:   Also, check out their… Continue reading S.O.S Perform ‘Lady Marmalade’ at K-Festival 2014