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HyunA’s ‘Babe’ Is Ma Jam

As always, HyunA delivers the jams, and I receive inspiration for yet another Halloween costume. The title is confusing because in Korean it's "bey-bey" or "bae-bae," and in English it's just "Babe." I don't know if you noticed that but it's driving me nuts. Anywho, I love it. When she came out and began with… Continue reading HyunA’s ‘Babe’ Is Ma Jam

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My Top 12 Iconic K-Pop Songs

This is inspired by this, and OH MY GOD, WHITE PEOPLE PLEASE. IT IS NOT 'GAING-NAM' OR 'HAI-YOONA' or 'TAE-YAYNG' MY GOD, PEOPLE. HOW HARD IS IT TO COPY PRONUNCIATION?!?!?!?!?! 'gAH-NG-NAHM' 'HYUH-NUH' 'TAE-YAHNG' THERE! /I'm so sorry/ /I did not mean to freak out/ He, or rather, 'they' seemed to miss out on some rather… Continue reading My Top 12 Iconic K-Pop Songs

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Jay Park’s ‘You Know’ Featuring Okasian

When I heard Jay Park was releasing a rap album, I was super skeptical. I've never really been a fan of his idol turned rapper thing. He's not a bad rapper, I just...I don't know. I just guess the whole thing for me at least, is a little weird and offputting. I prefer his singing.… Continue reading Jay Park’s ‘You Know’ Featuring Okasian