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Rubber Soul Sample Daft Punk

Ah yes, the hip hop trio that is Rubber Soul have finally made a comeback with their mixtape, "I Wish You Good Luck." The track samples Daft Punk's "Get Lucky." I personally think it's amazing. And that's it. Simply wonderful. Watch the music video here:   Like Rubber Soul? Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+ YouTube Web… Continue reading Rubber Soul Sample Daft Punk


Get Thrown Back To the 90’s With Rubber Soul

Rubber Soul is a new hip hop trio from Happy Tribe Entertainment, consisting of members LALA, CHOICHO and Kim. They've already been compared to TLC and are apparently (according to fans anyway) Lip Service's latest competition. I did a review for the song and video on KMusic, so swing by and take a look. Here's… Continue reading Get Thrown Back To the 90’s With Rubber Soul